a system of communication using visual gestures and signs,

as used by deaf people.


Today our topic was about sign language.  

In order to promote cultural awareness, it was my pleasure to teach some of our fourth grade students basic sign language. This skill is one that you can practice and master into a hobby or a profession. 

There are many advantages to learning sign language such as higher abstract and creative thinking, cognitive flexibility, better listening skills and a lot more.  Learning Sign Language will allow students to expand their means of communication, as well as allowing them to communicate with those students with hearing disabilities.

Sign language should definitely be a course in school that students have the option to take because it does allow a student to learn a skill that can grow for a  lifetime. The standards at the state level with which we are in compliance with here at AJHAE  as Educators support: “No student should be left behind”!  

Mrs. Verna Chears